sacred spirits

5555 spirits that live on Cardano blockchain

Minting is LIVE:

You need to use a Shelly Era wallet such as Daedalus, Yoroi or Nami.

We recommend Nami.

Do not send ADA from an exchange like Binance, Coinbase or If you do so, your ADA will be lost!

About Sacred Spirits

The collection of Sacred Spirits are meant to guide you through your journey in the cryptocurrency space. They will help you stay educated and profitable.

The Sacred Spirits NFTs will give you access to an exclusive world and community, where entrepreneurs and crypto OGs hang out.

Suitable for creators, ADA holders and crypto newcomers.


Starting from,
the spirits will take over the NFT’s marketplaces on the Cardano Blockchain.


The 5555 spirits will start their legacy with the Minting process on 05/05/2022.

the spirits


the legacy awaits

The legacy begins


  • Spirits are minted
  • Rarity sheet
  • The spirits will gather on a wisely choosen pool for staking and funds transparency
  • Sacred Spirits merchandise box release


  • Access to our network of social media and websites to create and publish content
  • Enlight your spirit to become part of our decision making team, develop and assist this project and many more to come
  • Access to our crypto Academy, one of the most comprehensive crypto academy in the world
  • FREE access to the events organized or sponsored by our network
  • Whitelist access for further awesome projects to come
  • Access to our set of online tools




  • Royalties go back to the community

  • Temple Airdrop for your spirit

  • Staking mechanism for Spirit holders to earn a passive income

  • Token on Cardano blockchain
  • 3D PFP 1:1 transition airdrop


  • more to come, perhaps metaverse?  stay enlightened
The legacy continues


alex numeris

founder of and
Advisor for and


protected developer by the spirits of the ancient code


blessed designer with magic skills in the craft of arts

mint your spirit now

5555 sacred spirits for you to mint, don't miss the chance to own a spirit that might give you many blessings throught your journey into the crypto space.

stay educated
stay blessed
stay profitable
the spirits may be with you

minting is LIVE


You need to use a Shelly Era wallet such as Daedalus, Yoroi or Nami.

We recommend Nami.

Do not send ADA from an exchange like Binance, Coinbase or If you do so, your ADA will be lost!


NFT stands for “non-fungible token” — a fancy way of saying it’s a unique, one-of-a-kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFTs’ main functions are to be digital art and to look cool; some offer additional utility, like exclusive access to websites or participation in an event. Think of NFTs as rare pieces of art that can also act as a “member’s card”.

We invested in Cardano in it's early stages, at the ICO back in 2017. We believe Cardano is the most advanced blockchain that will take over the cryptocurrency space.

Owning a Sacred Spirit NFT will help you stay educated and profitable into the cryptocurrency space.

Sacred Spirits it's a project backed by trusted entrepreneurs, with real and a proven backtrack of successful ventures.

Nami is a browser based wallet extension to interact with the Cardano blockchain and is non-custodial.
It can be used to send and store multiple assets, to delegate, to mint tokens, use multi-sigs and much more. Smart contract support will be added when available.
The main difference to current wallets is, that Nami can be injected into the browser context and be connected to any website in order to interact with dApps (decentralized apps).

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